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How to Make A Water Filter For Survival

Even though water is available in natural streams and lakes, it is not healthy to consume. That is because there are thousands of viruses, bacteria and chemical pollutants present in it which may lead

What are the 5 Cs of survival?

People pack multiple items in their survival bags depending on the environment, situation and planned activities. This is how we define adapting to the situation, which is what survival and self-reliance

What are the 3 basic survival contents that should be included in a survival kit?

A survival kit is an extremely essential item when it comes to protecting yourself and your family in case of a disaster. There are various kinds of survival kits available in the market. Some are perfect

6 Practical Backpacking Tips That Could Save Your Life

If you’re looking for a healthy way to get outdoors and explore nature,  hiking and backpacking fit the bill. The U.S. alone has over 18,000 miles of hiking trails.  Although backpacking

Best Food Storage for a Long Term Emergency

If you are wondering on how you can prepare for a long term emergency situation, proper food storage is vital to survival. Preparation and building a stockpile is certainly wise to become self-sufficient.

Emergency Essentials Checklist

There are certain things you depend on day-to-day, but do you have emergency essentials? Consider what you need if the unforeseen happens. You’ll require food, water, electricity and heat, communication,

How to Regrow Vegetables from Table Scraps

You know you can grow your own food but did you know about easy regrow vegetables that you can produce from table scraps? As a prepper, you probably have your own survival garden but maybe you’ve

Top Things You Need for your Life-saving First Aid Kit

If you are shopping for a life-saving first aid kit, you may realize there are a variety of them available. You may be wondering what are the top things you need whether you are shopping for a pre-made

Self-Sufficiency for Survival

It is especially true these days to consider self-sufficiency. Most of you are probably at home during the COVID pandemic and are challenged to provide food for your families as unemployment rises

Best Egg-Laying Chickens

If you are a prepper, you probably are thinking about the best egg-laying chickens. Having your own chicken coop will make you more self-sustaining for food in an emergency. You will have eggs which

The 10 Best Survival Garden Crops

In order to have enough food during the COVID pandemic or any other emergency that comes your way, you should consider what are the best crops to grow for your survival garden. Having enough food